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Training is dedicated to players looking to improve their foot skills, striking ability, agility and fitness before the spring season. The coaches will set up an environment that is both intense and challenging as well as a fun and good environment for the player’s technical and physical growth. The players will have fun as well as be challenged to improve!

Development focus for this program:

Younger Kids U6-U10:

 - Ball familiarity and soccer techniques: ball control, passing, shooting.
 - Basic motor skills like running, jumping and diving with and without the ball.

 - Basic 1v1 and 2v2 attacking situations.
 - Basic balance and coordination with and without the ball.
 - Perception of teammates and opponents.

Older Kids U11-U19:
 - Main soccer techniques: passing, ball control, turning and shooting.

 - Balance and coordination with and without the ball.

 - Effectiveness in 1v1 to 4v4 attacking and defending situations. More advanced decisions.
 - Basic attacking principles in the game: creating space, support and movement.

Our standard training sessions include:

PART 1: Warm-up, demonstration of techniques and teaching of techniques while doing dynamic warm up with the ball and working on individual skills

PART 2: Topic for the Session: Teaching and using technique in an individual/small group setting as well as opposed, eg. Passing, shooting, receiving, 1st touch, playing with head up

PART 3: Fun games incorporating topics

PART 4: Small Sided Games at the end of sessions to incorporate topics learned (Games can be teaching situations or free play)