ALL-IN SmALL-Stars Soccer Program

smAll-STARS is child development program specially designed to help children aged 18 months to 5 years old to grow and develop a love for the game of soccer. Our program is a perfect way to Kick-start your child’s introduction to soccer through fun games and interaction with repetitive activities that will keep your child focused. In the early stage of learning the game of soccer, the main goal for the kids is to have enjoyable experience and learn the basics without the kids actually knowing they are learning.

Parent-Child Classes (18 Months-3 yrs)

Our Program will nurture self-esteem and confidence through a diverse array of safe, structured fun activities. In addition to helping children develop existing talents and explore new interests, we strive to improve each child’s level of confidence and instill a positive self-image through soccer. Our seasoned team of coaches are committed to developing your child’s listening skills, balance, coordination, and ball skills.

  • Classes are 50 minutes long
  • Adult participation is required(one parent per child)
  • 3 Different Class Levels


  • First Touch: 18-24 Months (Parent/Child)
  • Mini Stars: 25-30 Months (Parent/Child)
  • Rising Stars: 30-42 Months (Parent/Child)


  • Kickin Stars: 3 & 4 Years (Beginners)
  • Shooting Stars: 3 & 4 Years (Intermediate)
  • Allstars: 4 & 5 Years (Advanced)

Independent Classes (Ages 3yrs-5yrs)

The major objective of this program is to prepare your child to play organized sports by developing agility, balance and coordination, as well as the ability to run, jump, kick, and control the body (sensory awareness).The skills will be delivered through a program that is centered on game-based FUN (Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing) activities, with 100% involvement at all times.

We concentrate on the skills that will make a great soccer player such as shooting and passing techniques, dribbling with a purpose, and in the advance class, they will get some in game experience.

  • 50 Minute classes
  • 3 different class levels
  • no equipment needed
  • Child must be able to participate on their own

FALL 2021


Classes are held on Wednesday Evenings and Saturday Mornings

Cost: $112 for a 8 week season plus $18 Registration Fee

Uniforms included with paid registration fee

Pay as you go $16 per class(based on class availability)

10% Sibling Discount

Space is limited so sign-up Today!

Gary Pirkle Park: 6195 Austin Gardner Rd Sugar Hill, GA


EMAIL :  Phone : 470-772-0125